Slotted Turner

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Package includes 1 x Slotted Turner

The Prepd Slotted Turner is the perfect cooking companion for your cast iron skillets.

The Slotted Turner is lightweight, and has a sharp, precision-engineered front edge that makes it incredibly easy to flip all kinds of foods - even delicate foods. It can flip eggs, fish, and crepes, and it is still strong enough to lift heavier foods as well. It will become your go-to spatula for any meal.

The handle is made from high-quality walnut wood and the spatula is stainless steel.

Slotted Turner

  • Size and Weight
    12.4" x 3.15" x 0.79", 6.17 oz
    31.5cm x 8cm x 2cm, 175g
  • Materials
    Stainless Steel and Walnut Wood