Prepd Grill Lid - 10 Inch

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With the Prepd Grill Lid's polished smooth grill lines, you can bring the BBQ indoors, and get those beautiful grill lines, without any sticking.

The Grill Lid can also be used on its own so you can cook multiple dishes at once or keep the lid on to seal in the flavor.

The Grill Lid can be used with the Prepd Dutch Oven, the 10" Prepd Skillet, or the 10" Prepd Chef Skillet.

Prepd Grill Lid

  • Size & Weight
    Diameter: 10" / 25.4cm
    Handle to Handle: 12.5" / 31.8cm
    Height: 1.69" / 4.3cm
    Weight: 7.05lb / 3.2kg
  • Works with
    - 5.2qt Prepd Dutch Oven
    - 10" Prepd Chef Skillet
    - 10" Original Prepd Skillet