Thank you for Purchasing a Prepd Pack.

Like any good tool, if you care for it and look after it, it will serve you well.

Whilst we have built the Prepd Pack to last there are certain things you should do to ensure the long life of your lunchbox.


The Prepd Pack Outer Case

The Prepd Pack case is made of Bamboo, TPU and ABS all bonded together with precision.

We think Bamboo is one of the most amazing materials on the planet, It is super strong, light and grows so fast that it’s incredibly sustainable too. Its grain is beautiful and makes each Prepd Pack completely unique. However, just like any natural wood, you need to look after it the right way in order to ensure it stays looking its best.

How to take care of your Prepd Pack Case

Try to avoid scratching and denting the wood in transport by ensuring it is not resting against anything sharp in your bag, If you are really concerned you can purchase a neoprene sleeve which will protect your Prepd Pack in transport as well as insulating it further.


If you find the bamboo becomes dirty the best way to clean it is to gently remove the dirt with a soft cloth and warm water. Avoid getting the bamboo too wet as this can cause it to expand and weaken or lose coating becoming dull. Never put bamboo in the dishwasher or submerge it in hot water.

Opening the Prepd Pack case reveals the Rubber mat, Ice pack holders and the cutlery holder. These can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a soft sponge, try not to get the inside of your Prepd Pack too wet and always dry it open at room temperature after cleaning.


The Prepd Pack is held closed by 2 pairs of custom made magnets, simply pull the nylon tab to open the Prepd Pack and close the Prepd pack gently and slowly allowing the magnets to locate and pull the Prepd pack lid closed.

We built the Prepd Pack to be able to handle wear and tear of daily use, each piece of bamboo on your product including the front panel, the slats and the back plate have been hand selected to match up perfectly then bonded with care to the rubber eating mat. Do not forcefully bend the Prepd Pack eating area back on itself as it will stretch and elongate the rubber creating a slack fit and will loosen the glue on the slats leading to damage and cracks.

If you spill food such as mustard or some curries which could potentially stain the Prepd Pack then you should immediately wipe down the surface with a wet sponge or cloth before it has time to penetrate the surface of the rubber and cause permanent staining. You can use mild soap if the spillage is more stubborn.


The Prepd Containers

When we designed the Prepd Containers we took a brand new approach. We set ourselves a challenge, to create a leak proof, premium container system without the need for clunky clips or straps. 

The Prepd Containers are made from a premium, food safe plastic material, that is free from BPA and all other Bisphenols including BPS. They are glass clear and perfect for both storing food and leftovers as well as transporting it to work inside your Prepd Pack. They are also odor and stain resistant and are designed to resist stains from tomato based foods which helps them stay like new for longer.

The Prepd Containers are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. They are durable and designed to handle whatever you throw at them, however there are steps you can take to ensure they last well and perform at their best for longer. Always remove packaging and wash before use. Do not use utensils with sharp edges in the container, as they could scratch or scuff the container surface. 


The Prepd Pack containers are made from the very best material for reheating precooked food to the proper temperature. However the containers are not intended for cooking. Cooking is defined by maintaining temperatures at 165°F or higher for more than 30 seconds. Excessive heating time in the microwave will warp your Prepd Pack containers. The maximum short-term temperature the containers are rated to is 165°F followed by a period of cooling.

Always remove the lid of the Prepd Pack when microwaving. Never place it in the microwave and avoid placing it back on the container after heating contents. If using plastic wrap, remove it all from the container before heating and use, as it can melt and cause damage to your container.

Reheating foods containing curry seasoned with turmeric may stain the containers. Tomato-based foods may also stain.

Do not use in a conventional oven, convection oven, under browning elements, in a steamer or on a stovetop.


The Containers can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

All Container components should be placed in the top shelf of the dishwasher only. Avoid other items placing direct pressure on the Containers. 

To ensure you don't lose the small screw in sauce pots, always make sure you place this in a part of your dishwasher where they cannot fall and with all products you put into the dishwasher be sure that they are secured so that they not come in contact with the dishwasher element to avoid melting.

The seal can be removed and cleaned separately if soiled. When removing the seal never use a sharp item that could damage the soft silicone, instead, gently remove the seal with a blunt pair of tweezers or by gently tapping the lid against your hand to cause it to unseat so that it can be pulled out easily by hand. When cleaning the seal, either wash by hand or place on the top rack of your dish washer to ensure the seal does not get damaged in any way. Damaging the seal could lead your product to leak. 


This item is made of materials that are safe for the fridge or freezer use. Please note that plastics are less flexible when cold or frozen and may break if dropped. Also note that water expands when frozen, so when filled to capacity the container could expand and crack and the lid could be forced off with the expansion.


We have spent months testing and refining our Patent Pending seal system for the Prepd containers. To ensure a reliable seal simply place the lid on top of the container until it locates flat in the center. Press down in each of the corners until you hear a firm ‘click’ sound at all 4 points. Make sure the silicon seal is in position properly and test for leakproof-ness by tipping upside down over the sink before transporting.


Cool Sticks

The Cool Sticks Set (purchased separately) consists of two Cool Sticks (ice packs) that can be frozen in the freezer. Once the Cool Sticks are frozen they can be placed inside your Prepd Pack (one on each side) to keep your food cold for longer.

When inserting the cool sticks make sure that the small notches are facing the center of the pack, this will ensure easy insertion and removal.

Cool Sticks should be placed horizontally in the Freezer and should never be microwaved as this will melt the outer plastic. When cleaning the cool sticks never place them in the dishwasher or submerge in water, we recommend wiping with warm water and a mild soap.


The Sleeve

The Prepd Sleeve (purchased separately) is a premium neoprene sleeve designed to insulate and protect your Prepd Pack. If you get your sleeve dirty we recommend wiping with warm water.

Do not put your sleeve in the washing machine, this will cause the sleeve to shrink and could cause damage to the outside of the sleeve material. 



The Chopsticks Set contains a pair of chopsticks and a chopstick holder / rest. The chopsticks and chopstick holder can be submerged in hot water and hand-washed. The silicone chopstick holder can be placed in the dishwasher but the chopsticks should not be placed in the dishwasher as it can damage the bamboo. Additional chopsticks can be purchased separately here.


The Cutlery Set

The Cutlery Set (purchased separately) consists of a knife, fork and spoon that magnetically hold together for easy storage and transportation. The cutlery is dishwasher safe and can also be hand-washed.

Never place the cutlery in the microwave.