Prepd Cast Iron Lids Care

Thank you for purchasing the Prepd Cast Iron Lids!

These lids will help you maximise your skillet’s capabilities and seal in the flavor when you need to. With them you can braise, steam and melt.

These cast-iron lids are extremely resilient and with the right care they will last a lifetime. Here’s a few quick tips to get the most out of your lids.


Before first use

Gently scrub with water and a small amount of dish soap, wipe dry and heat in the oven briefly to evaporate any moisture. Now coat the lid inside and out with a thin coat of cooking oil.


Cleaning & Maintenance

- The Cast Iron Lids cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher

- After cooking, wipe off excess oil and food with a towel or cloth

- Use the minimum amount of water and soap necessary to clean the lids

- Whenever your lids get wet, wipe it dry immediately and heat it in the oven to evaporate any remaining moisture.

- After drying, apply a thin coat of oil to the surface of the lid, inside and out.


General Notes

- Cast iron gets very hot - be careful when removing the lid after use. Always use an oven mitt or potholder and make sure it is placed down in a safe area (on a cooling rack or trivet).

- Your cast iron lids will change color with use, this is completely normal. The lids will become darker and more uniform over time.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make with your Prepd Cast Iron!