The Ultimate Skillet

Polished smooth and meticulously seasoned - Prepd Skillet combines non-stick convenience with the quality of cast-iron.

Save $99 on the skillet set!

Prepd in the Press

  • Quote
    “Upgrade your home cooking arsenal
    with this non-stick cast iron skillet”
    Yanko Design
  • Quote
    "The Prepd Chef Skillet is a great
    must-have in your kitchen setup"
    Mens Gear
  • Quote
    "Cheat Sheets revolutionize sheet pan
    cooking for perfect one-pan meals"
    New Atlas
  • Quote
    “The humble sheet pan gets a clever redesign"
    Fast Company
  • The Ultimate Dutch Oven

    Introducing Prepd Dutch Oven - A reinvented classic that can do it all. Polished smooth, naturally non-stick cast iron that will last for generations.

  • The Ultimate Everyday Pan

    Introducing Prepd Chef Skillet - a smoother, lighter, and naturally non-stick cast iron skillet.

  • The Sheet Pan Reimagined

    Introducing Cheat Sheets, a completely new approach to sheet pan cooking. Oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers that will streamline your cooking and divide your ingredients, to make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze.