Prepd Pack with Chopsticks



A beautifully designed case, a set of premium modular containers.

Includes 1 Prepd Pack Case, 1 Large Container (with saucepot), 2 Small Containers and 1 set of Chopsticks.

Additional containers and magnetic cutlery can be purchased separately.

  • Your Perfect Lunch Buddy

    Slimline, stylish and durable, each Prepd Pack is handcrafted from high-quality, natural bamboo and a precision engineered polymer. The case has a secure enclosure that keeps everything in place.

  • Flexible Modular Design

    Whether you want one large main and a side or smaller meals throughout the day, the Prepd modular containers are designed to allow absolute flexibility and freedom. They are also stackable keeping your fridge neat and organised.

    *Additional Container Sets sold separately

    *Magnetic Cutlery sold separately

  • The Perfect Container

    We went back to the drawing board to create the perfect premium container, made from a new premium, BPA-free copolyester. We even redesigned the seal making them leak-proof without the need for clunky clips.

  • Chopsticks

    Each Prepd Pack comes with uniquely designed chopsticks and an integrated silicone chopstick holder that fits in the Prepd Packs elasticated cutlery holder perfectly and doubles up as a neat rest between bites.

    *Smart Magnetic cutlery can be added separately

  • Prepd Pack Case

    • Size and Weight
      9.72" x 7.36" x 2.2", 28 oz Per Set
      24.7cm x 18.7cm x 5.6cm, 795g Per Set
    • Materials
      Bamboo, Plastic, Cotton
  • Containers

    • Size and Weight
      Large Container:
      5.51" x 5.51" x 1.81", 6.17 oz
      14cm x 14cm x 4.6cm, 175g

      Small Container:
      2.75" x 2.75" x 1.81", 1.76 oz
      7cm x 7cm x 4.6cm, 50g
    • Materials
      Food Safe / BPA Free Copolyester, Silicone
  • Chopsticks

    • Size and Weight
      7.71" x 0.70" x 0.51", 0.43 oz Per Set
      19.6cm x 1.8cm x 1.1cm, 10g Per Set
    • Materials
      Bamboo, Silicone